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I moved from New York to Greater Toronto Area in winter 2017. Time and space where I have been inspired me. I learn from the time I have spent with my family and friends. Every moment is an important moment in our short lives. I also learn from where I have been. Countries where I have lived, Canada, the US, Korea, and Australia. Places where I have visited, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thai, Spain, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, Barbados, Bahamas and more. All these places have been full of people of different cultures and philosophies. I found that the love and smiles on different faces are the same and all we are healed by art.  

I got started with drawing and painting when my age of 15. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art, majored in Western painting, and worked as a curator in an art gallery in Seoul, Korea in the early stage of my professional career. While working in a different industry for a few years, I could not hide my enthusiasm for art.     


All my artworks are original pieces so each artwork is One and Only. You may wish to own authentic art pieces made with great enthusiasm and professional technique. If you have any inquiries in purchasing my artwork or ordering custom paintings that you may want to keep the special moments, please reach out to me.

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