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Anyone can paint, and draw, and you have a great idea in your brain. However, your creativity will stay only inside of yourself if you do not know how to express it. Learning how to paint and draw is similar to learning the language.

If you are interested in learning proper painting and drawing skills to express your creative idea, please reach out to me for a small group lesson or a private lesson. 

I can help you in many different ways. 

- Oil Painting 

- Acrylic Painting 

- Pencil Drawing 

Sketching on canvas

Base colouring for oil painting


Progress example 

From rough sketching to detailed drawing, every step is important. Contemporary artists, traditional oil painters, pop artists, all should learn the very basic skills of drawing and painting as a foundation of building artworks. You can build a tall and beautiful building only on a strong foundation. 

First, learn how to capture a 'moment' with proper sketching skills.

Second, learn how to plan to apply a base coat of paint.

Third, learn how to deal with the colour matching between what you think, and what to show on the canvas

Fourth, learn how to paint with skillful technique.


If you need a help, you may reach out to me.    

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